Today I had a couple of conversations that involved talking about life's simple pleasures.  I thought I'd make a list of some of my favourite things.   I'm actually humming the song from The Sound of Music as I type ...
  • Seeing the people I love, laughing and smiling
  • Kisses & cuddles from my boys (Mike, the teenagers and Sammy the dog - except not kisses from Sammy - that wouldn't be right - that would be rather gross and not deserving of this list)
  • Friday nights - the thought of two whole days where I don't have a morning routine
  • A hot cup of tea with a naughty Scotch Finger biscuit for dunking
  • Getting the first load of firewood for winter and knowing I can light the fire that night (it's nearly time)
  • Going to bed when it is raining - we have a tin roof outside our bedroom window
  • The smell of Jasmine
  • Picking fresh herbs from the garden
  • Twitter of course - couldn't put it at the top because I don't want to look like an addict.  (I'm not an addict you know - really I'm not)
  • Reading blogs - this is a relatively new favourite, but I'm hooked.
  • Curling up in front of the fire with a book (or even the laptop and Twitter - but I'm not an addict)
  • Mike & I taking our dog for a walk
  • Walking really early in the morning as the sun rises
  • Working from home when it is raining and staying in my pyjamas all day
  • Hearing a favourite song from years ago that instantly makes me feel good
  • The smell of puppies (they smell like sausages)
  • The smell of babies (they smell like babies)
  • Dark chocolate Tim Tams
  • Full Moons
  • Tulips (and Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe through the Tulips - yes I'm a teensy bit strange - but that song reminds me of when I was 2)
  • The smell of washing as you get it off the line
  • An afternoon nanna nap with Mike and when we wake up it is dark (I love that)
They are some of the simple things in my life that make me feel good inside ... what makes you feel good?
3 Responses
  1. Julie-Ann Says:

    For me when Mr16 wants to sit down & talk to me. It happens regularly but I never take it for granted. The way that my Husband kisses my son and I everytime he or we leave the house. That I have the 2 best jobs- 1 is so creative and the other is so much fun:)

  2. Kelly Says:

    Strawberries, always strawberries. Spontaenous kisses and hugs. A good cup of coffee. Old books.

  3. You make me smile... dog's smell like sauasages?? And no, I agree you are not a twitter addict. No, of course not, who would suggest that? And a day time nap? Do I have this to look forward to one day? xx