Right ... here I am only one day since my monumental declaration that I would make Procrastination my friend.   Who was I kidding? 

You won't believe what has happened today ... I have just spent 3/4 of an hour procrastinating about writing this blog.  This was meant to be the fun thing I did before I start work.  Now that I've made it something I "have" to do I have now started procrastinating over it.   So not only am I procrastinating over starting work, but I'm procrastinating over the fun thing that was going to make procrastinating ok.   Give me a break ... geez!

Help!!!!!!!   Are there any Procrastination Exorcists out there?  I am convinced she has taken over my soul and I need to bring in the big guns to free myself.

Ok - I must start work now ... but first I need a coffee and I should check Twitter and then I should come back and check this blog for comments and then back to Twitter, oh and let's not forget a quick look on Facebook ..............
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  1. Social media: our friend and foe!!!