It's been a crazy few days with hospitals, blood, surgery, toes, headaches, teenagers, dogs, fleas ... so, rather than bore you with a wordy piece detailing all these events, I will summarise in succinct bullet points and label Good, Bad or Ugly

  • Ugly - broken & split toe spurting blood - toe belonging to my other half
  • Bad - not going to hospital straight away - now risk of bone infection
  • Good - Doctors & Nurses at St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital for putting up with a man who has no time for being sick or bedridden - amazing care and service.
  • Ugly - me - not showering, doing hair or cleaning teeth for 24 hours and only having 3 hours sleep - not only did I look ugly but I was ugly to the core - not a good look!
  • Bad - the poor doggy who thought his Alpha Male had been murdered - blood all over verandah, and both of us gone for 24 hours.
  • Good - the lovely lady who banged on my car to let me know that I left other half's shorts and shirt on back of car - shorts containing wallet - thank you, thank you, thank you.  
  • Ugly - hospital food - service great but food damn ugly! 
  • Bad - poor other half sharing room with snorer and SBD farter ... this could also go in ugly! 
  • Good - he's home again!
  • Ugly - price of hospital parking - $80 over a 24 hour period - robbery!
  • Bad - I'm so far behind on my work and can't get my act together
  • Good - I'm back on Twitter and catching up on my fun stuff
  • Ugly - I think Procrastination has come back to haunt me
  • Bad - I don't want to do any real paid work - I just want to write and have fun
  • Good - the headache I've had for the past 8 days has gone - thank you to the best Acupuncturist and Masseuse in Brisbane
  • Ugly - the doggy vomitted around the place while we were away, plus he contracted fleas!
  • Bad - there is still Easter Chocolate left in the fridge and I might just have to help myself to it!!
  • Good - Stephanie the cleaning Goddess arrived while we were at the hospital
  • Ugly - no matter how long I put it off - I do have to work because we do have a mortgage, kids to feed and bills to pay ... oh poo!

If you've had any good, bad or ugly things happen to you in this past week that you'd care to share - I'd love to hear from you.   xx
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5 Responses
  1. Julie-Ann Says:

    Rofl- sorry you have had the week from hell but you make it sound like a comedy show. Hugs to you. It can only get better from here:)

  2. Kelly Says:

    You have to laugh sometimes.

    Good: I saw my sister today
    Bad: I had a really bad headache
    Ugly: The state of the play room :S

  3. Annieb25 Says:

    I think we have good bad and ugly everyday - I'm just hoping next week my goods are way bigger than the ugly's! Thanks for stopping by & thanks for the hugs! xx

  4. farouk Says:

    i like the style of the post :)
    what about putting the "amazing" to the list?
    it would be fair enough to have two positive things and two negative things

  5. Oh you have had a big week! Haha...I did laugh at the ugly to the core thing. Hope everyone gets back on track this week. And the dog vomiting all around the house??? Eeewwww.