Me.  I'm almost 47 and still think I'm 30.  I'm scared of getting old in the mind and will do anything to stay young at heart.  Not so pedantic about trying to look 30 - still think there is a fine line between looking good and mutton dressed as lamb.  I don' t ever want to be the latter.  

I like to think of myself as a loving, kind, creative, slightly wacky, left of centre type person who doesn't get too hung up on unimportant stuff.  I've always looked for the best in others, even when noone else can find it.  My passions are writing, laughing, learning new things and helping people feel good about themselves.  And I also love Radio!  Who would have thought that one?

Lately though, I feel like I've lost my MOJO?  Definition of Mojo - The word originally meant a charm or a spell. But now its more common meaning is sex appeal or a special talent.  Based on both the old and new definitions - I've lost them all.  

  • Charm - pffft - nothing charming about me right now.  Cranky, tired, 10 kg overweight and the soup I cooked last night has given me really bad gas!  See no charm!
  • Spell - well I can spell, but in terms of casting a spell or having some magic attached to me right now - the score would be nil.
  • Sex appeal - oh hilarious - I'm guessing the details above, under the bullet point "Charm", pretty much rule out any sex appeal.  In addition, dealing with PMT for 2 weeks every month is not sexy!  I'm thinking Sex Unappeal should be my tag.
  • Special talent - hmm I think the special talent that a Mojo might allude to is tied up with the bullet point above - which clearly I'm lacking in, so looks like it's a strike out for this one too!
Based on the evidence above I am definitely 100% lacking in a MOJO.  I'm not sure where I left it or when it actually disappeared, but it's gone and I want it back!!!

A quick evaluation of what isn't working in my life and it turns out that my "day job" could be responsible for stealing my MOJO.  I don't love what I do, in fact I don't even like it.   I tell Insurance Brokers how to manage their Compliance arrangements, I conduct audits on their staff and I read legislation until my eyes bleed.  

On Friday I made a monumental decision!  In order to reclaim the missing MOJO I need to lose the day job.  Its not quite so easy to leave - I own the business.  Merely details.

The more difficult issue I have is, I honestly don't know what to do next?   Do I sell my business and wait for my MOJO to come back and then decide?   Do I sell my business when I know what I want to do?  Maybe the business is what is clogging me up and I won't be able to work out what I want to do until I sell it?   Oh the quandry.

I feel excited, scared and confused - at 47 I feel like I'm about to embark on a new journey and I just don't know what that journey could be.   Maybe it's a mid life crisis?  Perhaps I should get a Harley and a tattoo? 

As I get older it becomes crystal clear that life has a finite end.  I don't want my end to come and I didn't realise my full potential.  I know I have greater things to achieve - I just need to find them.

Any ideas??

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4 Responses
  1. Michelle Says:

    A rest perhaps? Just take a break and be quiet. Be refreshed then start running to find your full potentional.
    Life's a journey not a destination.

  2. Julie-Ann Says:

    I think you lost it in those tax files you have been working on all day:)
    I lost my mojo once and found it in Provence, France (true story). A holiday or inspiring trip away might be in order???

  3. I love reading about people who want to start on a new journey...this is me often. I have been looking for a new journey since before Xmas but don't know what. What would you do if you sold the business? What would fill your days? Would you just cut back on things and enjoy life more? Oh the questions!

  4. Kallie Says:

    If you happen across it can you check to see if mine is hiding in there too?

    Wonder if 47 is the new "mid-life crisis" age... I find it really hard to believe I'm 47 and I refuse to act it :)

    LizK_is on twitter btw :)