I had so many clever ideas about what I might blog about today, but my mind body and soul are totally occupied with food.   I am detoxing - day 4 - and I could just about eat anything that isn't of fruit or vegetable origin. 

@mumto2angels tweeted about Tim Tams this morning and now I am obsessed.  I am not just talking about a fleeting thought, I'm talking full blown fantasies involving Tim Tams.  The Tim Tam genie features strongly - he is standing behind me lovingly dropping a Tim Tam into my mouth whenever it is empty.  Beautiful, cold dark chocolate Tim Tams ... oh I'm sorry you're still here.  Damn, for a minute I thought that was real!

I am hungry every half an hour.  I am drinking green tea until I slosh and I am eating vegetables and fruit until I sprout.   My mind cannot focus on anything but eating.  It is amazing how much of what we do is based around eating and enjoying food and drink.    Whilst my intake of fruit and vegetables is unlimited, that's not what I crave.   I want Tim Tams, I want dark chocolate, I want bread, I want milk!!!!!!!!

I want to eat something that has a stodgy substance to it.  I have just made some Chickpea Flour Bread called Socca.  I put some olives and rosemary in it.   Did anyone hear what I just said?  CHICKPEA BREAD!!   WTF!   I won't go into a rant because I haven't tasted it yet, and who knows, maybe, just maybe, it could taste a little like a dark chocolate Tim Tam.  No?  Kidding myself?   Thought so.

I know I will ultimately feel better and hopefully get out of some very bad food habits by the time this is over, but geez it's hard.  If anyone has an idea on things I can do to stop me thinking about food I'd be much appreciative.   Also, please refrain from mentioning any yummy foods in your blogs or in any dealings with me.  I only have 10 days to go.

Must go check on the Genie and my dark chocolate Tim Tams, oh no that's right it's Chickpea Bread I'm cooking.    Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... that's the sound of me fading away to a block of flats!

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  1. Hahaha... it's making you angry isn't it? I know the feeling. I have been here so many times. It's the pits, but THEN magically all is ok and you can handle it. I promise that tonight I won't even mention the 'c' word when it comes to me getting ready for bed and wanting that hot thing I put in the microwave. :O