Every year I say I'll start blogging regularly - every year I start ... but the regularly seems to drop off!

Well here I am at the end of 2008 and keen as ever to blog. I'm not making any grand statements about blogging everyday or every week. This year I'm not going to put any pressure on ... let's see what happens!!

Christmas is now over and the house is still littered with scraps of Christmas paper, instruction books for all the new stuff are all over the coffee table and the tree looks deserted without the mountain of presents underneath it.

It was a really great Christmas - one of the best - spent with people I love. We ate too much, laughed a lot and enjoyed the time together. I think that is the essence of Christmas.

Life can be really simple ... you only need a few ingredients: People to love; good health and good food, oh and a comfy bed of course!

I hope everyone who reads this blog has all of the above ingredients and spent a lovely day with someone you love.

Merry Christmas ! Feliz Navidad ! Bon Natali !
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